Funded Projects

2020-21 “Be Somebody” & “Bert and Carol May” Grants

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Project / Teacher(s)
Grade Level(s)
Target Students
Poetry Workshop w/ Mr Shabazz / Adrianne Staten & Jessica Bryan
Hold a week long poetry workshop with Mr Shabazz to engage students and develop creative writing skills.
CEES / 5th Grade
Writing / up to 85 students per year
Putting the Band Together / Marc Bryan
Utilize soprano, alto, and bass xylophones to tie music with literature and develop music skills. 
CEES / 1st – 5th Grades
Music / up to 375 students per year
Moving Mathematics / Courtney Foster
Utilize Hot Dots, Giant Ten Frames, Differentiated Base Ten Blocks, 120-Board Floor Mat, and Addition and Subtraction Bingo Game along with wobble stools and wobble cushions to engage students in mathematic concepts.
Southwest / 1st Grade
Math / up to 18 students per year
Techapalooza / Terence Fernung
Utilize c
oding and robotics tools including Cubetto Extended Playset, Cubetto Directional Blocks, Cubetto Logical Blocks, Osmo Genius Starter Kit for IPad, Osmo Creative Starter Kit for IPad, Osmo Coding Jam for Osmo Ipad, Osmo Pizza Company, and  Osmo Detective Agency to develop critical thinking skills.
Pickett / K-5th Grades
Coding & Robotics / up to 400 students per year
Spreading Students Branches / John C Mullen
Utilize multilingual middle school and high school students trained in First Aid CPR to serve as child care during PTO/PTA meetings to engage more Hispanic families participation.
CEES / 1st-5th Grades
Community / up to 100 ESL students per year

2019-20 “Be Somebody” Grants

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Project / Teacher(s)
Grade Level(s)
Target Students
Get Moving to Grow Our Brains / Kelly Carter, Barbara Patterson, Keyonna Kelly
Utilize portable mats/stickers/equipment that reinforce educational concepts for indoor or outdoor “Sensory Breaks” that allow students to be active.
CEES / 1st -5th Grades
Special Education / up to 70 students per year
Lit Up with Learning / Heather Hall
Utilize color changing light table with sensory materials tables to help increase student engagement in foundational education concepts.
CEES / 1st Grade
Sensory-Reading / up to 60 students per year
Get Moving! Inside or Out / Kareen Haworth
Utilize multiple giant wooden 4 in a row games, giant yard dice, wooden loop & ring toss, giant floor checkers, gameland super jumbo playing cards, bean bag toss cornhole, and giant jenga toppling tower to provide for engaging reces regardless of the weather.
CEES / 3rd Grade
General / up to 80 students per year
Creating STREAM Learners with Digital Storytelling / Michelle Tysinger
Utilize Ipads with a microphone clip, HUE animation studio, Osmo Creative Genius kit, and Klutz Lego Maker with Legos to create digital stories using STREAM,
Southwest / 2nd Grades
Writing / up to 16 students per year
Community Garden / Shannon Oxner
Utilize replacement building materials and garden equipment and materials to grow a community garden to help increase student awareness of food production.
Southwest / 1st-4th Grade
Science / up to 450 students per year
Engaging Parents in their Children’s Education / Celia Urenda
Provide parent nights with food, multilingual training and celebrations of international culture to engage parents of all backgrounds and build school community.
Pickett / 1st-2nd Grade
ESL / up to 393 students
Bronx Masquerade Student Inquiry Project / Latoya Warren
Utilize poster materials to developed a personalized inquiry project based on real life topics as a result of a book study on the  “Bronx Masquerade” .
LMS / 8th Grade
Reading-Writing / up to 115 students 
Math Literature / Tiffany Bibbs
Utilize multiple copies of The Man Who Counted, Marvelous Math, Math-terpieces, The Grapes of Math, The $1 Word Riddle Book, Math Fables, and One Riddle One Answer to reinforce math concepts through literacy.
LMS / 6th Grade
Math / up to 175 students per year
Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons / Robin Leftwich
Utilize paper mache materials and recycled items to develop three dimensional art based on mathematic, social studies, or music themes.
LMS / 6th-8th Grades
Art / up to 400 students
Communication for All / Rebekah Macon
Utilize Big Talk Triple Play Communication switches and the Basic Talk 4 switches to allow non verbal students to participate and develop their voice.
SLDC / K-12th Grades
Special Education / up to 38 students per year
Hands on Access to the Extended Curriculum / Victoria Norman
Utilize Talkables II, Textured Tops for Gumballs, Talkables III, Musicbox, CD Boom Box, and Light and Sound Game Buzzers to allow special education students to engage in daily lessons.
SLDC /  K –12th Grades
Communication / up to 38 students per year
Instructional Options for Unique Learners / Norma Sirkisoon
Utilize IPad Tabletop system, High Contrast Icons, Vibrating Pillow, Roll & Learn Turtle, VI Shape Puzzle with Braille, Peppa Pig, and Visually and Hearing Impaired Activity center to engage in learning and communication to sensory devices.
SLDC / K-12th Grades
Multisensory / up to 38 students per year

2018-19 “Be Somebody” Grants

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Project / Teacher(s)
Grade Level(s)
Target Students
Breakout With Learning / Marcia Patterson
Utilized Breakout EDU Kits to promote team work, problem solving, critical thinking skills troubleshooting, and engagement.
CEES / 1st -5th Grades
Problem Solving / up to 400 students per year
Reading All About Math / Karen Haworth
Utilized math-based literature, four copies each (Me Counting Time, A Place for Zero, If You Were A Minus Sign, Full House: An Invitation To Fractions, Gabriel Gets a Great Deal, Pigs Will Be Pigs, Tally O’Mally, Sharks Swimathon, Elevator Magic, More Or Less, and Captain Invincible And The Space Shapes) to help increase student engagement in math.
CEES / 2nd Grade
Math & English / up to 80 students per year
Supporting Young Musicians Through Strings / Mathew Hinkle
Utilized 7 newly purchased guitars with 4 existing guitars to enhance musical appreciation as well as build social, emotional, reading, and listening skills.
Southwest Elementary / Kindergarten
Music / up to 800 students per year
Makerspace Collaboration Station / Tara Floyd
Utilized Cog Collaborative tables with Lego and Makey-Makey kits to establish an area where students can brainstorm and collaborate on new product development.
LSHS / 9th – 12th Grade
Collaboration / 20 students per year
It Just Makes Sense / A’kasha Jenkins
Utilized sensory devices (Stretch Band, Discovery Putty, Starfish Ball, Bucket of Fidgets, Sensory Twist, Busy Finger Marble Maze Kit, Space Explorers, Cozy Canoe, Therapy Ball, Water Beads, Busy Body Exercise Cards, Light Filter, Ocean Light Projector, Vibrating Pillow, and Small Sensory Table) to help exceptional children manage stress and express their emotions in a safe way.
Southwest Elementary / 1st -5th Grades
Behavior & Communication / 50 students per year
Activate Our Education / Kortnie Curry
Utilized a Fubbles Fun bubble machine, a musical light box, a Please Touch! Vibrating light switch, and a Musical Fan Switch with Lights to aid in auditory and visual development and cause and effect learning.
SLDC / K-12th Grades
Auditory & Visual / up to 39 students per year
Recycled Impressions – Tile Art Project / Robin Leftwich
Utilized 500lbs of Clay, tools, stamps, glazes, and rulers to teach students about the tile making process and develop recycle themed tiles to be used at recycling centers throughout the school.
LMS / 6th – 8th Grades
Art – Pottery Making / up to 360 students
Communications with IPad Applications / Sylvia Moore
Utilized Ipads with Prologue Augmentative and Alternative Communication apps to allow special education students to improve communication.
SLDC /  K –12th Grades
Communication / up to 39 students per year
Student Centered Learning And Communication Through An Engaging Interface / Norma Sirkisoon
Utilized IPads with Hook and Switch interface and Special Education Apps (Jungle Adventure, EIEIO, Hurry Hurry, Special Words, Matching Cards-Snap, Catch the Cow, and Sights and Sounds) to provide a variety of educational programs, instructional strategies, and learning experiences in the hands of our special education population.
SLDC / K-12th Grades
Communication and Motor Skills / up to 39 students per year

2017-2018 “Be Somebody” Grants

Project / Teacher(s)
Grade Level(s)
Target Students
Firing Up Third Grade / Kathryn Davis
Utilizing twelve Kindle Fire with apps such as Read Theory and Raz-Kids for reading development and Khan Academy for math development.
CEES / 3rd Grade
Math & English / 100 students per year
Lego Learning & Becoming One-to-One in Second Grade / Jessie DeLapp
Utilizing six Kindle Fires in conjunction with Lego Community Sets to help students visually develop stories and strengthen reading, writing, and math skills through apps.
Southwest / 2nd Grade
Math & English / 20 students per year
Learning In Kindergarten STEMS From Technology Fun / Sharon Wilson
Utilizing Ipads, Osmo Creative Monster, Pizza Co, and Coding Game Sets to provide students learning opportunities in coding, English Language Arts, Art, and Math.
South Lexington / Kindergarten
STEAM & Writing / 21 students per year
UNICEF Kid Power / Amber Freeman
Utilizing UNICEF Power Bands to increase student activity while impacting food aid support to malnourished children.
CEES / 4th Grade
Community Building / 20 students per year
Boosting Achievement through Hands on Activity / Barbara Patterson, Kelly Carter
Utilizing Buncee Platform and Tiggly Tools in conjunction with Kindle Fires to visualize and build stories interactively and experiment with math concepts through developing recipes.
CEES / 1-5 Grades
Writing and Math / 45 students per year
Giving Students a Voice / Patricia Lambert
Utilizing Enabling Devices Talkable IVs with Small Talk Assistive Communicators to enable students to learn sequence stories and identify common objects from visual and auditory cues.
SLDC / K-12th Grades
All / 40 students per year
Digital Learning Access to All / Rebekah Macon
Utilizing Bluetooth switches iSwitch and table top mounts to make Ipads with apps such as Sounding Board accessible do to physical disabilities.
SLDC / K-12th Grades
All / 40 students per year
Direct Exposure to Literary Events for Students with Special Needs / Norma Sirkisoon
Utilizing Lakeshore Learning devices and Nasco Special Education tools to allow students with cognitive disabilities to make connections between what they hear through technology and teachers and their direct physical and auditory experience.
SLDC / K-12th Grades
All / 30 students per year

2016-2017 “Be Somebody” Grants

(Additional seed grants and mini grants where provided during the 2016-17 school year not listed here) 
Project / Teacher(s)
Grade Level(s)
Target Students
Jackets Go Electric / Kristen Wall
Utilizing Makey Makey Invention kits and everyday materials (play doh, bannanas, etc) to make electrical science hands on and interesting and improve test scores.
LSHS / 10th & 11th Grade
Physical Science / 20-40 students per semester.
Lego Education / Courtney Tietje
Utilizing Lego Story Starter kits to help students describe and visualize the science topics they are learning while developing strong writing skills with engaging resources.
LMS / 7th Grade
All Science Courses / 25-50 students per semester
Let’s Get Moving / Kristina Swift
Utilizing IPod Touches with existing QR codes, Discovery Virtual Reality glasses, and classroom videoing opportunities to help expand knowledge, experience, and vocabulary of the students.  Additionally, the use of bouncy bands will assist in keeping active students focused while working at their desks.
Pickett / 4th Grade
Reading Class / 20 students annually
Let’s Get Writing With Legos / Jennifer Freeman
Utilizing Lego Story Starter kits to help ESL students strengthen their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through a cross-circular and interactive medium. Project extended.
Southwest / 1st – 5th Grade
English as a Second Language / 60 students annually
School Based Enterprise / Sylvia Moore
Utilizing various task aids such as Color Bug, Musical Art, Dancing Taxi, and Pancake switches with art supplies to allow students to grow language skills, motor skills, and cognitive skills while producing saleable product.
South Lexington Developmental Center / K-12
All / 35 students annually
Sensor Center Update / Torey Owens
Utilizing additional lighting to sensory center including Foam Fountain, Plasma Ball, Wave Panel, and Light Box to assist autistic students in self-regulating stressful periods.
South Lexington Developmental Center / K-12
All / 35 students annually
The Children’s Voice / Kortnie Curry
Utilizing an augmentative communication device, Partner/Plus Four, to enhance verbal communication and learning through visual, tactile, and auditory means.
South Lexington Developmental Center / K-12
All / 35 students annually
Alternative Computer Access / Norma Sirkisoon & Patricia Lambert
Utilizing Intellikeys to provide students with visual, cognitive, and physical access to computers that is unavailable through traditional keyboards.
South Lexington Developmental Center / K-12
All / 35 students annually